Carlton are environmentally conscious, responsible and committed to developing, promoting and achieving the highest standards of environmental practice. We have achieved Phase 3 of the BS 8555 Environmental Standard, continually improving our environmental performance and complying with environmental legislation. Our commitment to sustainability is demonstrated by:

  • A ‘local’ workforce, spread across our area of activity, which allows us to cut down on unnecessary commuting to site.
  • Ensure workers who live near each other travel to site together in one vehicle.
  • Use of sustainable locally sourced materials wherever possible.
  • Use of recycled materials wherever possible.
  • Recycling of materials on site – using crushers to grade excavated materials that can then be used as backfill or hardcore.
  • All sites operate Site Waste Management Plans.
  • Noise, dust and vibration monitoring and minimisation.
  • Pollution prevention and training for all site operatives.
  • Constant communication with local residents, businesses and other stakeholders.